XB8 Wafer Bonder

XB8 Key Features

  • Bond-Force up to 100kN and Temperature up to 550°C
  • Excellent Bond-Force and Temperature Uniformity
  • Expansive Tooling Options covering a wide range of applications
  • Multi-Bond Fixtures for stacks and multiple wafer sizes
  • High Degree of Automation minimizing Operator Intervention
  • Temperature Uniformity < 1.5%
  • Fast heating and active cooling for high throughput
  • Chamber pressure from 5 x 10-5mbar to 3bar absolute
  • Open and Closed Fixtures & Centre Pin options for Fusion Bonding

The XB8 from SUSS Microtec has been developed to support a wide range of bonding processes wafers up to 200 mm in diameter.  Flexible, adaptable with a comprehensive range of adjustable process parameters, the XB8 wafer bonder from SUSS Microtec is an ideal Research & Development tool. 

Applications include advanced packaging, 3D integration, LED and of course MEMS.  All standard bonding processes are supported such as Metal Diffusion Bonding, Hybrid & Fusion Bonding, Eutectic & SLID, Adhesive Bonding, Anodic Bonding, Glass Frit processing and Temporary Wafer Bonding.

During loading, the chamber is flooded with nitrogen to ensure the best possible level of cleanliness; whilst the high level of automation minimizes the influence the operator has on the process result.  Thermal decoupling of the heater from the bonding chamber enables a highly accurate, repeatable process temperature in combination with the highly repeatable, precise bonding force technology from SUSS Microtec.  Independence from operator and the sophisticated design of the XB8 wafer bonder guarantee consistent process stability and optimal process results time after time.

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