XBS200 Wafer Bonder

XBS200 Key Features

  • Fully Automated Wafer Bonder for up to 200mm wafers
  • Bonding force up to 100kN
  • Maximum Process Temperature 550°C
  • Cluster concept, configured according to requirements
  • Integrated Metrology Capability
  • Unique Laser Pre-Bond

XBS200 Wafer Bonder

The XBS200 platform from SUSS Microtec allows for fully automatic aligned wafer bonding of materials up to 200 mm in diameter.  Its versatile, modular design offers maximum process flexibility in all permanent bonding tasks.  SUSS Microtec’s novel “aligned-wafer transfer” method eliminates the complexity of traditional systems and offers consistent, stable process results with excellent system availability. The XBS200 platform offers low cost of ownership for high-volume production of MEMS, LED and 3D devices.  Supported bonding processes include:  Metal Diffusion Bonding, Hybrid & Fusion Bonding, Eutectic & SLID, Adhesive Bonding, Anodic Bonding, Glass Frit processing and Temporary Wafer Bonding.


  • Supports wafers up to 200mm
  • Bonding force: 60 or 100 kN, repeatability: < 2 %
  • Temperature ≤ 550 °C, repeatability: < 1.5%
  • Chamber pressure: 5×10-5 mbar – 3 bar
  • Precise process recipe control for all bond parameters
  • Ramp function
  • Fast heating (30 K/min) and active cooling (30 K/min)
  • XBS200 Automated Wafer Bonder

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