Wafer Coating and Developing Equipment by SÜSS MicroTec

SÜSS MicroTec develop and manufacture an extensive range of high-quality manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic wafer coating and developing equipment for lithographic processes used in the R&D and production of semiconductor and related devices.

The manual product line of SUSS MicroTec includes spin coaters, spray coaters and hot plates available in stand-alone or bench mounted configurations.

Semi-automated solutions includes equipment for coating, developing, lift-off and cleaning processes, with models specific for either solvent and aqueous chemistries. These products also offer easy recipe transfer to automated platforms.

SÜSS also specialise in the development and production of fully automated track based cluster tools for up to 200 or 300mm wafers. The systems for resist coating and or developing, can feature up to 3, 5 or 6 modules (ACS200), with up to four independent wet process and a maximum of 19 hot plates, to suit the needs of either high-volume manufacturing, or precision low-volume automated processing.

SÜSS wafer coating and developing equipment is also renowned for its exceptional build quality, high yield, reliability and low cost of ownership.

See our “Knowledge Base Document” for a guide to photo-resist coating methods.

SÜSS Microtec Wafer Coating and Developing Equipment

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Wafer Coating and Developing Equipment Applications

UV Lithography, Wafer Resist Coating with Spin, Spray or Puddle Dispense, Resist Developing, Wafer Cleaning, Metal Layer Lift Off, Baking, Wafer Prime etc.

Industry Segments

Wafer level chip-scale packaging, flip chip packaging, bumping, MEMS, LED, power devices, optical components and compound substrates and other semiconductor related device R&D applications

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