AS8/12 Semiautomatic Wafer Spray Coater

AS8/12 Key Features

  • Compact Semiautomatic Wafer Spray Coater
  • Precision Wafer Coating Equipment
  • Uniform coating even of highly structured surfaces
  • Substrate sizes up to 200mm in diameter
  • Square substrates up to 6″ edge length
  • SUSS Microtec spray design for optimal process stability
  • Up to 2 independent spray dispense systems
  • Recipe controlled process parameters

SUSS Microtec produces two Semiautomatic Wafer Spray Coater tools, the AS8 and AS12 designed for up to 200mm and 300mm wafers respectively, with a maximum 150mm x 150mm edge length for square substrates.

The manually loaded AS8/12 wafer spray coating tools are the ideal platforms for R&D and low-volume device fabrication and can be equipped with two independent spray resist coating dispense systems, avoiding cross contamination; SUSS Microtec’s proprietary spray design, coupled with the sophisticated resist supply system, provides unmatched process stability, repeatability and reproducibility.

The spray-coat technology within the AS8 and AS12 is ideal for use when substrates have a topography with tall existing features; a wide range of textures and high levels of surface roughness. The AS8/12 is able to achieve uniform coatings of photo-resists required for high resolution photo-lithography.

All spray and cleaning parameters are programmed and controlled in the on board recipe; this allows for system program transfer to SUSS Microtec’s range of automated tools when the customer see the need for higher throughput.

For advanced applications requiring automated wafer handling, SUSS also manufacture a the ACS200 range of high-performance fully automatic coat-develop tools, which can be configured with multiple spray coating stations.

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