Automatic Wafer Coat-Develop Cluster

ACS200 Gen3 Key Features

  • Fully configurable Automatic Wafer Coat Develop Cluster
  • Tool for high volume manufacturing of 50-200mm wafers
  • Modular equipment design supports Multiple Configuration options
  • Resist thicknesses from 1µm to over 500µm
  • Handle 2 consecutive wafer sizes simultaneously
  • Spin Coating: EBR, BSR, solvent pre-dispense
  • Spray Coating: EBR, BSR, solvent dispense
  • Positive or Negative Resist, Puddle, Fan Spray, High Pressure
  • Hot plate, Cool Plate and Vapour Prime

The SUSS ACS200 Gen3 platform is a fully automatic Wafer Coat-Develop Cluster, with the capability of up to 4 wet process modules and a maximum of 19 plates, suits the needs of either volume manufacturing or precision automated processing in R&D applications, of up to 200mm wafers/substrates.

The versatile systems base frame provides multiple configuration possibilities, e.g. up to 4 wet process modules (either coater and /or developer) with up to 19 plates or 2 wet process modules and 2 spray coater modules with up to 13 plates. With the possibility of stacking up to 3 plates over each wet process module and up to 7 plates in the 5th module, the ACS200 Gen3 allows the maximum module count in its class.

For developing applications, either an aqueous or solvent developer module can be configured. A high variety of different nozzle types are available to match with any process requirement. Optional filter fan units and temperature / humidity control of the tool results in process stability, reproducibility and finally in a high yield.

The ACS200 Gen3 Automatic Wafer Coat-Develop Cluster can be found in production environments developing a broad range of technical solutions from MEMS devices to LED fabrication and all applications in between. The ACS200 offers a resist developer platform that is reliable and precise, yet flexible to the production requirements.

Additional systems for up to 300mm wafers, with up to 12modules and integration into SMIF based factory automation are also available for high-volume production environments.

SUSS also manufacture a full range of semiautomatic equipment for puddle and spray coating, aqueous and solvent develop, wafer cleaning mask cleaning and lift-off processes.

  • ACS200 Gen3 Automatic Coater and Developer

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