Automatic Cluster Coating-Developing Track Equipment

ACS200 Gen3 Key Features

  • Fully Configurable Automated Coat-Develop Platform
  • High Volume Manufacturing 50-200mm Wafers
  • Modular design supports Multiple Configuration options
  • Resist thicknesses from 1µm to over 500µm
  • Handle 2 consecutive wafer sizes simultaneously
  • Spin Coating: EBR, BSR, solvent pre-dispense
  • Spray Coating: EBR, BSR, solvent dispense
  • Positive or Negative Resist, Puddle, Fan Spray, High Pressure
  • Hot plate, Cool Plate and Vapour Prime

The SUSS ACS200 Gen3 platform is a fully automated Coater & Developer platform, with the capability of up to 4 wet process modules and a maximum of 19 plates, suits the needs of either volume manufacturing or precision automated processing in R&D applications, of up to 200mm wafers/substrates.

The versatile base frame provides multiple configuration possibilities, e.g. up to 4 wet process modules (either coater and /or developer) with up to 19 plates or 2 wet process modules and 2 spray coater modules with up to 13 plates. With the possibility of stacking up to 3 plates over each wet process module and up to 7 plates in the 5th module, the ACS200 Gen3 allows the maximum module count in its class.

For developing applications, either an aqueous or solvent developer module can be configured. A high variety of different nozzle types are available to match with any process requirement. Optional filter fan units and temperature / humidity control of the tool results in process stability, reproducibility and finally in a high yield.

Additional systems for up to 300mm wafers, with up to 12modules and integration into SMIF based factory automation are also available for high-volume production environments.

  • ACS200 Gen3 Automatic Coater and Developer

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UV Lithography, Wafer Resist Coating with Spin, Spray or Puddle Dispense, Resist Developing, Wafer Cleaning, Metal Layer Lift Off, Baking, Wafer Prime etc.

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