Manual Hot Plate

HP8 Key Features

  • Small Footprint Hotplate for up to 200mm Wafers
  • 250°C Maximum Temperature
  • Programmable Heating Ramp in 1s steps
  • Excellent Uniformity: ± 1% (± 0.5% < 120°C)
  • N2 Purge, Lift Pins, Proximity Bake
  • Stand Alone, Table Top or Bench Mounted
  • Protection Coating of Hot Plate Surface
  • Touchscreen Operation

The HP8 manual hot plate for up to 200mm wafers/substrates has been designed to meet the requirements of R&D work and small scale production and is available in bench mounted, table-top or stand-alone versions.

The hot plate is equipped with lift pins as a standard, which permits convenient and safe substrate handling. Nitrogen purge and vacuum suction of the substrate can also be individually selected for each step in the recipe editor.

The closed double walled lid ensures stable process conditions and prevents accidental touching of the hot surface by the operator.

In addition, the HP8 offers homogeneous temperature distribution by utilising special heating coils, as well as heating ramps with high repeating accuracy, to ensure constant and stable process results.

  • HP8 Manual Hot Plate

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