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LabSpin – Manual Spin Coater Key Features

  • Manual Spin Coat Tool for R&D and Low Volume Applications
  • Wafer Coating, Edge Coat, Develop & Edge Bead Removal (EBR)
  • Exchangeable Process Bowl for Multiple Users/Processes
  • Coat or Develop Pieces up to 200mm Wafers
  • Process up to 150mm Square Substrates
  • Stand-alone Table-top or Bench Mounted Versions
  • Optional Time Pressure Syringe Dispense
  • Optional Fully Automatic Dispense System
  • Extensive Range of Wafer Chucks/Tooling
  • Stores 200 Recipes with 40 Programmable Steps & Loop Functions
  • Highest Quality of Results & Performance

SUSS MicroTec‘s “LabSpin” manual spin coater has been specifically developed for laboratory and R&D applications. Designed for a variety of photolithography chemicals, the LabSpin process station provides uniform, precise and repeatable coating results on the wafer, through its advanced process chamber design. In addition, LabSpin’s can also be used for puddle developing of resists.

The systems are offered in two versions for up to 150 mm or 200 mm wafers, either as table-top (TT) unit or for integration into a wet bench (BM). This manual spin coater is perfectly suited for laboratory and research environments with existing uses in the development of compound semiconductor technologies and biophysical research.

The combination of many technical details like the glass cover for maximum chemical resistance, removable process bowl for easy cleaning and the spill free process chamber design makes the series unique. 

LabSpin manual spin coaters can process a wide range of substrates including round, square and pieces through the available standard and customised chucks.

The small footprint requires only minimum space.  In addition, space is further saved by the required vacuum for the chuck being generated internally via a Venturi nozzle and supplied compressed air.

An extensive range of options, complete the system, including: a variable dispense position, enabling standard or edge coating, syringe or automatic dispense system, EBR – edge bead removal,  Developer Dispense, Di-Water dispense and N2 drying etc. Whichever configuration is selected, every LabSpin is based on world renowned SUSS process knowledge and quality.

For more advanced wafer coating and development applications, SUSS produce the RCD8 Semiautomatic resist coat tool.

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