MCS8 LabCluster – Manual Wafer Coating System

MCS8 LabCluster Key Features

  • Compact manual wafer coating system
  • Processes pieces up to 200 mm wafers and substrates
  • Smallest cleanroom footprint
  • Wide range of options down to module level
  • Flexible configuration with over 500 possibilities
  • Single supply and waste management system
  • Proven technology in SUSS HVM tools

SUSS MicroTec’s manual wafer coating system (MCS8 LabCluster) offers the latest generation of coating and aqueous developing techniques in a unique cluster configuration.

The MCS8 is designed and assembled to provide the greatest availability of functions on the smallest cleanroom footprint. Technologies which have proven themselves in SUSS MicroTec high-volume production tools are thus accessible to laboratories, start-ups and for small-scale production through the MCS8.

The base units of the MCS8 are customizable frames for two individual modules. Customers select these two modules according to their processl requirements from the wide range of SUSS MicroTec’s manual and semi-automated coater and aqueous developer tools. These options include SUSS LabSpin8, SUSS Hot Plate, SUSS Vapour Primer or the actively chilled SUSS Cool Plate. The two individual modules are placed one behind the other. This allows optimal use of cleanroom space and ensures a compact footprint. For best operator ergonomics, the rear module is raised in height.

All modules can be equipped with optional functions such as automatic dispense systems for LabSpins or proximity-pins for Hot Plates. The MCS8 LabCluster is available as an array of up to six of these customizable frames each including two modules. This enables the combination up to twelve modules in total, thus offering a complete process solution.

The innovative design allows for up to two advanced coating and developing technologies to be added to the 6 basic frames in the cluster. These advanced systems come from SUSS MicroTec’s existing portfolio of tools, such as the RCD8 or AS8. This makes the MCS8 suitable for a broad spectrum of applications for MEMS fabrication, III-V research, electron beam lithography, temporary bonding, nano imprinting, microfluidics and micro-optics. Customers can equip the MCS8 platform in a wide range of configurations based on their needs and SUSS MicroTec’s experiences for maximum combind benefit.

Available options include, dispense systems for coaters; proximity-pins and purge options for hot plates; temperature control for developers; wide range of chucks.

  • MCS8 LabCluster - Manual Wafer Coating System

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