Semi-Automatic Wafer Developer – Cleaner: Solvent Processes

SD12 Key Features

  • Multi-function Tool for Solvent Processes
  • Wafer Develop, Lift-Off and Cleaning
  • Process Wafers: 50mm – 300mm
  • Process Substrates: 50 x 50mm up to 230 x 230mm
  • Fan spray, Puddle, High-pressure, Binary & Mega-Sonic
  • Sealed Process Chamber with Automatic Safety Door

The SD12 Semi-Automatic Wafer Developer – Cleaner is a flexible automated wet-processing system that offers superior cleaning, developing and lift-off functions for solvent media applications.

The system features processing of pieces through single-wafers up to 300 mm, square substrates up to 230 x 230 mm and tape frames for wafers up to 300 mm. The ability to handle various media through an expanded process capability makes the SUSS Microtec SD12 a highly flexible first choice tool for research & development or small scale production.

The SD-12 demonstrates versatility through the ability to process multiple substrate types using optimized chucks. The chucks that are available for use in the AD-12 include vacuum and vacuumless chucks; low contact chucks for edge handling applications; and chucks that allow the use of fragile substrates (InP, GaAs) ensuring that they can be securely processed. Specialised tooling and the extensive range of easily adjustable process parameters make the SD12 from SUSS Microtec ideal for any solvent based application or process.

The system is fitted with a completely sealed stainless steel process chamber to ensure an enclosed environment and to avoid chamber corrosion and / or contamination whilst cleaning or developing is taking place. The on board media storage unit has a gas exhaust and media leakage sensor; alongside flow controllers and pressure regulators to manage the media. Optional media temperature control and recirculation systems can be installed in order to improve process repeatability and reduce media consumption.

For aqueous processes, SUSS manufacturer the AD-12, an equivalent tool with the media processing chamber manufactured using plastic materials.

  • SüSS MicroTec SD12/AD12 Semi-Automatic Developer, Cleaner and Lift-Off Tool

SD12 Solvent Semi-Automatic Wafer Developer – Cleaner Technical Downloads

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