Semiautomatic Resist Spin Coater and Developer

RCD8 Key Features

  • Small Footprint Semiautomatic Resist Spin Coater
  • Configured as either Coater or Developer
  • Dispense arm (max, 4 dispense line + syringe system)
  • Dispense options from <1 cps to 55 000 cps
  • Open bowl and/or GYRSET® coater
  • Optional Lift Pins / Edge Handling
  • On board nozzle / bowl cleaning
  • Edge Bead Removal and Backside Rinse

SUSS Microtec’s RCD8 Semiautomatic Resist Spin Coater can be tailored to customer requirements from a basic manual spin coater to a GYRSET® enhanced coat and puddle developing tool. It can handle small pieces and standard wafers up to 200 mm in diameter, making the RCD8 the ideal choice for advanced research & development work to small scale production. 

The optional (patented) GYRSET® rotating closed cover coating technology can be integrated into the RCD8 spin coating module for various photoresists and applications.  This technology enables a wider process window and coating without backside contamination. Furthermore, square substrates and pieces can be coated all the way to the corners with a homogenous resist thickness.

The RCD8 is deployed by a range of industries from those developing photonic devices for next generation communication solutions and in the development of MEMS devices requiring the uniform coating of thick film photoresists.

The SUSS Microtec RCD8 resist coater is supported by an extensive library of available chucks and configurations, ensuring all kind of substrate materials and shapes can be coated and developed in the machine; where a customer requirement falls outside the standard options, SUSS Microtec’s experienced design team can easily adapt existing chucks or develop new components to meet customer demand.  This platform can be equipped with various well proven dispense line and pump configurations for handling resists with viscosities from <1 cps up to 55 000 cps.

SUSS also manufacture a the LabSpin range of high-performance manual resist spin coat and puddle develop tools.

  • RCD8 Semiautomatic Resist Coat and Developer

RCD8 Semiautomatic Resist Spin Coater and Developer Technical Downloads

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