Manual & Semiautomatic Die Bonder Equipment by Tresky AG

Since 1980, Tresky AG has been supplying the advanced packaging sectors with innovative manual and semiautomatic die bonder equipment suitable for an extensive range of die attach processes, including: eutectic, epoxy, solder, flip chip, sinter and anisotropic bonding etc.

In addition, where systems are configured with wafer die eject capability, the equipment can be used for a wide range of die sort requirements, including picking and placing die or laser bars into waffle packs, gel packs and other carriers or jigs.

Since their inception, over 1000 Tresky die bonders have been manufactured and installed worldwide to meet critical die attach process, with applications including: Flip Chip Bonding, Laser Diode Manufacturing, Sensor Development and Production, MCM devices, Microelectronic Hybrid Circuits, Chip-on-Board Assemblies, Optoelectronic Components and many more.

Inseto are the exclusive technical distributor and provides full support and application engineering for Tresky die bond equipment throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland & Nordic Regions, including: Finland, Sweden, Norway & Denmark.

Tresky AG designs and manufactures high quality manual and semiautomatic die bonder equipment.

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United Kingdom, Ireland & Scandinavia/Nordic Regions: Finland, Sweden, Norway & Denmark

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