Flip Chip Die Bonder

Key Features

  • High Resolution Alignment Optics for Flip Chip Bonding <1 micron
  • True Vertical Technology™, ensures die parallelism during bonding
  • Die parallelism independent of Bond Height
  • Quick to setup and change-over to different die types
  • Flip Chip Stations & Alignment Systems fit on to all Tresky models
  • Options for all processes: Heated tooling, ultrasonic, high force etc.
  • Simple to learn and use

Tresky manufacture a range of manual and semiautomatic Flip Chip Bonder for die attach of bumped chips, or devices requiring high-precision, device-to-device alignment. Die can be picked from up to 200mm (8″) semiconductor wafers, waffle pack or GEL pak, in addition to passive components. Processes include Anisotropic (ACA) adhesives, gold bump thermosonic bonding, solder bump reflow etc.

For bump or device alignment, manual and semi-automatic systems incorporate the new Flip Chip Ultra, high resolution beam splitter optics, which allows the simultaneous viewing of two objects by an optical overlay. Using an optical shutter each of the objects (upper, lower or both) can then be displayed simultaneously on the monitor PC. The combination of high magnification optics, LED illumination and XY-Table Micro Positioning, result in alignment accuracies better than 1μm being achieved.

Additional features can include flip stations for applications that also require device inversion prior to placement, flux dip stations, integrated dispense, epoxy stamping, ultrasonic bond heads and eutectic heated stages etc. These options allow the systems to be configured for virtually any flip chip process/requirement.

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