Manual Die Bonding Machine: Tresky T-4909

Tresky T-4909 Key Features

  • Low cost manual die bonding machine
  • Small footprint equipment
  • True Vertical Technology™, guarantees parallelism during bonding
  • X-Y air-cushioned 180 x 180 mm placement stage
  • Programmable bond forces 20-400 grams
  • 360 degree freely rotatable pickup spindle
  • Flip Chip Bond Alignment Option
  • For Epoxy, Eutectic, Ultrasonic & Flip Chip Bonding
  • High-quality, Swiss-made

The T-4909 is a low cost manual die bonding machine with a superior ergonomic design. The system is suitable for manual die attach of hybrid microelectronic devices including MEMS, MCM’s, MOEMS, VCSEL, RFID, COB etc., using adhesive, eutectic/solder or flip chip processes.

As with all of Tresky’s products, the T-4909 incorporates True Vertical Technology™ which guarantees parallelism between the chip and substrate at any bond height.

The T-4909 die manual die bonding machine’s ergonomic design ensures it is simple to use and operate, resulting in excellent performance and reliability. It is ideal for low volume production, research, development and for Universities, where users require a small footprint die bond machine that is quick and simple to setup and provides accurate placement capability.

The equipment features the following capability/options: Z-movement of 60mm with a 360° rotating pickup tool, adhesive / solder dispenser, epoxy stamping, eutectic scrub, flip chip die bond alignment, pickup tool heating, secondary preform spindle, XY air-cushioned placement stage with micrometre control, which supports the waffle-gel packs, substrate holder and various heating plates.

  • T-4909 Manual Die Bonder with Epoxy Dispense Capability

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