Tresky T-5300 Semiautomatic Die Bonder

Key Features:

  • Semiautomatic Die Bonder for precision assembly
  • Automated Z-Drive with bond force control
  • Touch-PC control software for ease of setup and operation
  • For epoxy, eutectic-solder, flip chip & sinter die attach processes etc.
  • Precision die to die and die on die placement capability
  • Integrated time pressure dispenser, optional stamping unit
  • True Vertical Technology™, ensures die parallelism during bonding
  • Simple to use with excellent ergonomics & high build quality
  • Modular system covers virtually all die pick-place applications
  • Pickup from up to 200mm wafers (5300-W version)
  • Integrated UV curing option

The T-5300 semiautomatic die bonder is a high precision, operator-controlled machine for picking and placing bare semiconductor and related devices from waffle packs or GEL paks, passive components and other devices used in microelectronic and related assemblies.

The T-5300 die attach systems incorporate a motorised Z axis, providing active force measurement on every pickup and placement removing operator induced variation, which is ideal for the bonding of delicate devices and for providing precise control of bond-line thickness. Due to the intuitive software, programming and operating the T-5300 is possible with only a few minutes’ training.

The equipment features superior ergonomic design, high-accuracy and a large 220 x 220mm assembly area with 120mm of Z travel, making it ideal for R&D through low volume production or custom assembly requirements.

For applications requiring die pickup from wafer, Tresky offer the T-5300-W version, capable of handling up to 200mm wafers.

Applications include:

  • Semiautomatic Die Bonding of Microelectronic Devices
  • Conductive & Non-Conductive Epoxy Die Attach
  • Eutectic Soldering of Devices
  • Flip Chip Bonding
  • Thermo-compression & Ultrasonic Bonding
  • Epoxy Dispense or Stamping
  • Laser Bar Stacking and Un-stacking
  • PCB Chip-on-Board Assembly etc.
  • Die Sorting to Waffle or Gel Pak

All models feature Treskys’ True Vertical Technology™, which guarantees parallelism between chip and substrate at any bond height, plus integrated time/pressure dispensers.

The modular T-5300 semiautomatic die bonder also includes an extensive range of options, comprising: Beam splitters for Flip-chip applications and high accuracy placement, Eutectic Scrub & Gas Heating for Eutectic Die Attach, Solder / Epoxy Dispenser, Epoxy Stamping, Pickup Tool Heating, Ultrasonic Bond Heads, Secondary Preform Spindle, Flip Chip Station, Waffle & Gel Pak Tooling, Substrate Holders, Static and Dynamic Heating Plates and alignment / inspection options.

  • T-5300 Semiautomatic Die Bonder

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