Manual Wire Bonder by MPP

With over 30 years of wire bonding experience the current range of MPP manual wire bonder’s include the i5000B Ball Bonder, i5000W Wedge Bonder and i5000D Dual Bonder, which has both ball bonding and deep access wedge bonding capabilities.

The equipment is used for process development, production or research of microelectronic and related device interconnect. The systems provide excellent ease of use, optimum bond quality and repeatability, plus the reliability needed for the most challenging bonding applications.

All systems come with semi-automatic and manual operation modes, touch-screen interface, individual bond parameter control, program storage and the capability to handle a wide range of wire diameters, from 18 to 75 micron diameter wire and up to 250 x 25 micron ribbon.

This comprehensive capability enables gold and copper ball bond and stud bumping, coining, single-point TAB bond, thermosonic, aluminium or gold wedge bonding and ribbon bonding.

MPP - Micro Point Pro, a leading manufacturer and supplier of manual wire bonder and wire bonding accessories.

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