iBond5000 Ball Bonder

iBond5000B Key Features

  • Ball bonding, bumping, coining and single point TAB applications
  • Bonds Gold, Copper and Silver wire process options
  • Simple to use with semiautomatic and manual operation modes
  • User friendly touch screen graphical user interface
  • Smart EFO unit with stop on missing ball function
  • Comprehensive range of work holders and customised fixtures
  • Large bondable area: 135 mm x 135 mm (5.3” x 5.3”)

The iBond5000 manual ball bonder is the latest model from MPP (formerly K&S Manual Wire Bonders Division), for bonding and bumping of gold or copper wires. The iBond5000Ball is an advanced manual wire bonder for gold ball bonding (copper and silver optional) used throughout research & development laboratories, Universities, engineering and production facilities.

The bench-top system features advanced electronics, Windows CE control software and a modern user touch-screen interface. The equipment’s is ergonomically  designed and  based on the proven 4500 series, ensuring high build quality and consistent results and allows the system to be configured for right hand or left hand operation to suit the operators preference.

The system enables saving and loading of custom files, along with factory preconfigured profiles, for storing, cataloguing, and re-using golden processes. The bonding profiles internal library, which includes a bonding wires database, further enhances the ease of use and caters for various applications. The iBond5000 has an abundance of advanced options for improved efficiency and expertise, while also lowering cost of ownership.

The model is ideal for process development, production, research and supplemental manufacturing support. It provides excellent yield and repeatability needed for high-end applications including: Optoelectronic Modules, Hybrids/MCMs, Microwave Products, Discrete Devices/Lasers, Chip-on-board, MEMS , Sensors ,Bio Medical and High Power Devices etc.

  • Manual Wire Bonder

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