Plasma Cleaning and Etching Equipment by Plasma Etch Inc.

Plasma Etch, Inc. founded in 1980 are leading manufacturers of Plasma cleaning and etching equipment, including entry level bench-top models through industrial to high volume production equipment, which sets the standard for reliability, speed and uniformity in plasma processing.

Plasma Etch, Inc. have several patents pertaining to the invention, development and manufacturing of ground breaking innovations, which have paved the way for plasma treatment technology and the enhancement of quality manufacturing everywhere. These patented features have been a unique asset to the Company’s product line and are exclusively available to Plasma Etch customers.

Plasma Etch, Inc. prides itself on providing first class, worldwide service and support. Onsite maintenance, quality technical support and their never tiring effort to see that each customer is completely satisfied are paramount goals at Plasma Etch. Most of their customers purchase multiple systems and return for additional Plasma Etch equipment, to complement their existing production lines.

See our “Knowledge Base Document” for a guide to the process and use of low pressure plasma cleaning.

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Cleaning Surfaces, Surface Pre-Treatment, Sterilisation, Reactive Electron Microscope SEM Lens & Specimen Cleaning, Hydrocarbon Contaminant Cleaning, PCB Etch Back, De smear, Teflon Activation, Inner Layer Preparation, Organic Cleaning, Wire Bond Pad Cleaning, Photo Resist Stripping, De-scum, SiO2, SiN & Metal Films Etching

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Plastic Assembly, Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Medical Devices, Ophthalmic, PCB Fabrication, Microelectronic Assembly, Semiconductor Production, Research, Industrial Production

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United Kingdom, Ireland & Scandinavia/Nordic Regions: Finland, Sweden, Norway & Denmark, Netherlands, France & Benelux

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