Benchtop Plasma Cleaner for Large Devices / Batch Sizes: PE-200

PE-200 Key Features

  • Available in Plasma Clean, Etch and RIE configurations
  • Convertible option: Isotropic and anisotropic processing in a single system
  • Three large process shelves 325mm (13”) wide x 400 (16”)  x 75mm (3″)
  • Custom chamber and shelf configurations
  • Shelf temperature control option
  • PC control provides enhanced consistency  and performance
  • MFC gas flow control for optimal process control

The PE-200 is an industrial strength bench top plasma etching system supplied with an oxygen service vacuum pump. This robust, reliable and yet quite affordable system was developed for the busy 24/7 manufacturing firm that cannot have downtime.

The PE-200 vacuum chamber encloses a generous 3225cm² (500 square inches) of active plasma processing surface, providing increased bond strength and cleanliness of almost any surface material. Etching with our plasma cleaner rather than with chemical baths can also eliminate expensive hazardous chemical waste.

The system is often purchased by small-medium volume production facilities, research and development labs, testing facilities and universities. Industry users include Biomedical, Dental, Electronics, Light Industrial, Medical, Plastics, Optical, Edge Isolation Etch for Solar Cell, and Solar Panel to name a few.

The simple to use, intuitive touch screen interface controls every aspect of the plasma process ensuring repeatability, an optional Windows based control software is also available.

PE-200 features include:

  • Welded Aluminium Vacuum Chamber
  • Three 325mm (13”) wide x 400 (16”) deep electrode shelves
  • Electrode horizontal shelves on 3” spacing
  • 300 Watt RF generator @ 13.56 MHz
  • Automatic Matching Network
  • One 200 SCCM Mass Flow Controller
  • Pirini Vacuum Gauge. Range 0-1 Torr
  • Microprocessor Control System with Touch Screen
  • 20 Recipe storage (Unlimited with Windows option)
  • 29 CFM Oxygen service Vacuum pump
  • 3 Microns Vacuum Pump Oil Filtration
  • Plasma Console 900 x 900 x 800mm (36x36x32”)
  • System Weight 159Kg (350lbs)
  • Vacuum Pump 400 x 800 x 500mm (16x32x20”)
  • Vacuum Pump Weight 82Kg (180lbs)
  • Compressed Air Service 80-100 PSI <0.5 CFM
  • Regulated Process Gases 15-30 PSI

Optional System Features:

  • Electrostatic Shielding | Process Temperature Control
  • 600 W RF Generator @ 13.56MHz (A.M.N)
  • 59 CFM Vacuum oxygen service pump (3 phase)
  • Automatic 2 point N2 purge system
  • Signal Light Tower
  • MKS Automatic Throttle Vacuum Controller
  • 2 additional Mass Flow Controllers (total of 3)
  • Software selectable 5 gas input steering matrix
  • Controlled Rate N2 Chamber Purge
  • Oil Mist Coalescing Filter on Vac Pump exhaust
  • Custom Chamber size and configuration
  • Custom Electrode Size and configuration
  • RIE (reactive ion electrode) configuration
  • Windows Operating Software & Recipe Storage

Facility Optional:

  • Packed Bed Fume Scrubber
  • Compressed Air Dryer for vacuum pump Purge Gas supply
  • PE-200 Large Benchtop Plasma Etching System

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RIE Etching of Semiconductor Devices, MEM’s Device Production, Solar Cell Fabrication, PCB Bare Board Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, Wafer Level Packaging, Ashing, Contamination Removal, Hydrophilic Surface Modification, Surface Cleaning, Surface Preparation, Removal of Hydrocarbons, Organic Materials, Oxides and Sulphides, Small Series Production etc.

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