Benchtop Plasma Cleaner: PE-50XL

PE-50XL Key Features

  • Continuously adjustable power range
  • Parallel plate electrode for optimum plasma
  • PLC control with simple adjustment of stored parameters
  • Optional plasma etching 13.56MHz RF source
  • For processing up to 175mm (7″) samples

The Plasma Etch, Inc. PE-50XL has all the features as the PE-50, however it comes with a 200w x 225d x 100h mm (8″ w x 9″ d x 4″ h) chamber for those looking to process larger applications. The system features an implosion proof rectangular welded Aluminium Vacuum Chamber and a direct powered RF electrode for optimum cleaning and etching.

The PE-50XL was developed to process parts for smaller production facilities, R&D facilities and Universities. Applications include cleaning or stripping medical devices, solar cells, printed circuit boards, connectors, MEMs, nanotechnology, wafer level packaging, as well as many other related semiconductor processes.

PE-50XL features include:

  • Durable Welded Aluminium Vacuum Chamber
  • Chamber Dimensions: 200x225x100mm (8″x9″x4″)
  • Single 175x200mm RF Powered Electrode
  • 400W, 50KHz Continuously Variable Power Supply
  • 2 Rotometer Gas Control 0-25cc/min
  • Pirani Vacuum Gauge, 0-1Torr
  • PLC Microprocessor Control System
  • Keypad user interface with alphanumeric display
  • Storage of one Process Recipe
  • Automatic Process Sequencing
  • 5 CFM Oxygen Service Vacuum Pump
  • Pump footprint 175x400mm (7” x 16”)
  • Console Dimensions: 350x350x450mm (14x14x18″)
  • Approximate Shipping weight is 45Kg
  • Electrical: 230/240VAC, 14A


  • 5 CFM 2-Stage Direct Drive Oil Vacuum Pump
  • 150W, 13.56MHz Generator & Automatic Matching Network
  • Light Status Traffic Light Bar
  • Mass Flow Meter
  • PE-50-XL Benchtop Plasma Cleaner

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