Benchtop Plasma ION Etcher / Plasma Cleaner: PE-100

PE-100 Key Features

  • Available in Plasma Clean, Etch and RIE configurations
  • Convertible option: Isotropic and anisotropic processing in a single system
  • Three process shelves 225 x 325 x 75mm
  • Shelf temperature control option
  • PC control provides enhanced consistency  and performance
  • MFC gas flow control for optimal process control
  • Optional top loading for integration into automated production lines

The system is a complete plasma cleaning / Reactive Ion Etching machine designed to be robust and reliable yet inexpensive enough to allow start-up companies, medical labs and R&D facilities the opportunity to experience Plasma Etch technology.

The PE-100 is available in three unique configurations:

  1. Regular Plasma Cleaning and Plasma Etching
  2. Reactive Ion Etch (RIE)
  3. Convertible configuration, including both anisotropic & isotropic processing in a single system.

The all aluminium chamber features over 1548.4cm² (240 square inches) of active processing surface with the three level standard configuration. The clean design features an industrial powder coated frame to guard your processing environment from contamination.

The system is available with custom electrode configurations including RIE (Reactive Ion Etch) and process temperature control. When using the PE-100 as Reactive Ion Etch the electrodes are specially designed for directional plasma, which means the plasma contacts the substrates in a downward flow or drilling effect. This process is primarily used for drilling microvias or cleaning of small variations that are unattainable with chemicals, since liquid flow is often restricted in these small spaces, such as vias.

PE-100 features include:

  • Welded Aluminium Vacuum Chamber
  • Three 225mm (9”) wide x 325 (13”) deep electrode shelves
  • Electrode shelves on 3” spacing
  • 300 Watt RF generator @ 100khz
  • One O-50cc Mass Flow Controller
  • Pirini Vacuum Gauge. Range 0-1 Torr
  • Microprocessor Control System with Touch Screen
  • Recipe storage
  • 8 CFM Oxygen service Vacuum pump with mist eliminator
  • Plasma Console 425 x 700 x 750mm (17x28x30”)
  • System Weight 73Kg (160lbs)
  • Vacuum Pump 150 x 450 x 225mm (6x18x9”)
  • Vac Pump Weight 31Kg (68lbs)
  • Electrical: 220vac 50 Hz 13A Single Phase
  • Compressed Air Service 80-100 PSI 0.5 CFM
  • Regulated Process Gases 15 PSI, Two stage regulator
  • Less than 85°F Non-Condensing

Optional System Features:

  • 300 Watt Generator @ 13.56 MHZ
  • Electrostatic Shielding of chamber
  • Process Temperature Control
  • Custom Electrode configurations
  • RIE (Reactive Ion Electrode)
  • Nitrogen or CDA Purge on Vacuum pump
  • Convertible RIE System with removable tray configuration
  • Windows operating software & Recipe Storage
  • PE-100-Benchtop Plasma Cleaner

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