Plasma Asher / Plasma Cleaner: PE-75

PE-75 Key Features

  • Large Chamber, Suitable for 200mm Wafers
  • Robust design, ideal for R&D labs and Universities
  • Continuously variable power setting
  • Simple to program and operate
  • PC Control option for automated processing
  • Suitable for Ashing or Cleaning Applications

The PE-75 Plasma Asher / Plasma Cleaner is our largest entry level plasma treatment system, including all the features of the PE-50-XL, but with a larger circular aluminium vacuum chamber that is 250mm (10″) in diameter and 270mm (10.75″) deep with a direct powered RF electrode for processing up to 200mm (8″) parts.

When fitted with a high power RF source (13.56 MHz), the PE-75 is a popular choice for use as a plasma asher. Although all of our systems are versatile and can perform many tasks without changing configuration settings, the PE-75 is the best value in the industry for plasma ashing; the process of removing photoresist from an etched wafer. When fitted with a lower power RF source (400W 50KHz), the system also excels at plasma cleaning and surface modification applications.

PE-75 features include:

  • Durable Welded Round Aluminium Vacuum Chamber
  • Chamber Dimensions: 250mm Dia x 270mm Deep
  • Single 225mm Wide x 250mm Deep Electrode
  • 140mm Chamber Height Clearance
  • 400W, 50 KHz Continuously Variable RF Supply
  • Optional high power 13.56MHz Supply
  • 2 Rotometer Gas Control 0-25cc/min
  • Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge, 0-1Torr
  • PLC Microprocessor Control System
  • Keypad user interface with alphanumeric display
  • Storage of one Process Recipe
  • Automatic Process Sequencing
  • 5 CFM Oxygen Service Vacuum Pump
  • Pump footprint 175x400mm (7” x 16”)
  • Console Dimensions: 455x480x610mm (18x19x24″)
  • Electrical: 230/240VAC, 14A
  • Available in Venus configuration with PC Control
  • PE-75 Benchtop Plasma Asher

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