Venus Series: Plasma Etching and Cleaning Equipment

Venus Series Key Features

  • PC control system for automated processing
  • Precise gas flow control
  • Process data logging
  • Unlimited recipe storage
  • Venus equivalents available for all PE models

The fully automated Venus Series have all the features of the standard PE Models but include advanced Windows software and features for greater control over the plasma process. All Venus systems include computerised gas valves for highly accurate and repeatable gas flow rate control.

A laptop loaded with Plasma Etch, Inc. software is included for fully automatic system operation, multiple recipe storage, data logging/trending, events/alarms, and multi-step sequencing.

Additional features include mass flow controllers, dual sequence programming, as well as process data acquisition and archiving.

Models comprise:

  • Venus PE-25 – For processing up to 75x150mm (3×6″) Samples
  • Venus PE-50 – For processing up to 100x150mm (4×6″) Samples
  • Venus PE-50-XL – For processing up to 175mm (7″) Samples
  • Venus PE-75 – For processing up to 200mm diameter Samples
  • Venus Series Plasma Cleaner

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Etching, Cleaning, Surface Pre-Treatment, Sterilisation, Reactive Electron Microscope SEM Lens & Specimen Cleaning, Hydrocarbon Contaminant Cleaning, PCB Etch Back, De smear, Teflon Activation, Inner Layer Preparation, Organic Cleaning, Wire Bond Pad Cleaning, Photo Resist Stripping, Ashing, Descurn, SiO2, SiN & Metal Films Etching

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Universities, Research, Development, Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Telecommunications, Medical Electronics, Fiber Optics / Photonic Assembly, PCB Production, Microwave Electronics, Microelectronics, Power Semiconductor Assembly, Semiconductor Production, Medical Device Processing, Medical Component Sterilization

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