Industrial Plasma Etching & Cleaning Equipment

Plasma Etch manufacture a range of high-quality industrial plasma cleaning and etching equipment with increased chamber sizes and capabilities, including turn-tables for higher volume or large area processing. Systems are used for plasma cleaning or etching large plastic parts, medical implants, wafers, electronic components, and printed circuit boards etc., where uniformity, repeatability and rapid processing are required.

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Cleaning Surfaces, Surface Pre-Treatment, Sterilisation, Reactive Electron Microscope SEM Lens & Specimen Cleaning, Hydrocarbon Contaminant Cleaning, PCB Etch Back, De smear, Teflon Activation, Inner Layer Preparation, Organic Cleaning, Wire Bond Pad Cleaning, Photo Resist Stripping, De-scum, SiO2, SiN & Metal Films Etching

Industry Segments

Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Telecommunications, Medical Electronics, Fibre Optics, Photonic Assembly, PCB Production, Microwave Electronics, Microelectronics, Power Semiconductor Assembly, Semiconductor Production, Medical Device Processing, Medical Component Sterilization

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United Kingdom, Ireland & Scandinavia/Nordic Regions: Finland, Sweden, Norway & Denmark, Netherlands, France & Benelux

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