Magna Series PCB Etching System

Magna Series Key Features

  • Advanced Plasma Etching System
  • Advanced electrode design that does NOT requires CF4 gas
  • Environmentally-friendly 
  • Unparalleled degree of uniformity
  • Faster etch times and lower power usage
  • Carousel for 8 PCB panels up to 600 x 750 mm

Plasma Etch, Inc. is now offering the world’s first truly green plasma etching system to be used in the manufacturing production of PCBs (printed circuit boards). The company has developed a patent pending technology called the Magna Series, which eliminates the need for CF4 gas that is presently used daily by printed circuit board manufacturers throughout the world with plasma etching systems for de-smear and etch-back processing applications.

CFC gases are harmful to the ozone layer. Though difficult to determine the exact amount of Chlorofluorocarbons being emitted by the use of plasma etching systems, it is estimated to be a significantly substantial. The Magna Series Technology is a great achievement and advancement in the protection of the global environment and preservation of our ozone layer.

In addition to eliminating the need for CF4 gasses, Magna Series technology will not require the use of O2 bottles (gas tanks). Plasma Etch also stresses that the Magna Series consumes significantly less power than traditional plasma etching systems currently in use.

The Magna Series is the next generation replacement for our time proven MK-II line of systems for desmear and etch back applications. The series also sets new market standards in several other key areas. The new technology provides faster etch times, lower operating cost and process uniformity not achievable with existing technologies. Magna provides precision, uniform etching on both sides of panels simultaneously. The Magna is a great choice benefiting both customers and our environment. Magna customers experience higher levels of uniformity and lower operating costs.

As news of the new technology spreads, it is being welcomed with enthusiasm and encouragement from those within the printed circuit board community and from environmental groups and governmental agencies throughout the world.

Magna Series features include:

  • Patent Pend Carousel holds 8 panels 48x71cm
  • Advanced Electrode Design Eliminates CF4
  • GXS 160/1750 Boc Edwards Dry Pump
  • 2500 Watt RF Generator
  • Mass Flow Controller
  • 2 Channels 0-500 cc/minute
  • PC Control With Touch Screen
  • Low Gas Alarms
  • Vacuum Control
  • Vacuum Gauge 0-10 Torr
  • Signal Light Tower

Optional System Features:

  • On-board 02 Gas Maker; No Need for Bottle Gas
  • Fume Scrubber
  • Chilled Water Recirculation for RF & Vac Pump
  • Magna PCB Industrial Plasma Etching System

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