Reel-to-Reel Plasma Etcher: PE-2000R

PE-2000R Key Features

  • Roll-to-Roll plasma treatment system
  • For continuous processing of flexible substrates
  • Process widths of 50 to 600 mm with spindle diameters of 250 mm
  • Actively controlled tension system
  • Vertical Planar 4 Level electrodes for even plasma treatment
  • Total process area will allow 1 meter per minute feed rate

Plasma Etch manufacture inline and reel-to-reel cleaning & etching systems where high volume continuous processing is required.

The PE-2000R Roll to Roll plasma system is specially fitted with a continuous feed drive and take up system to accommodate continuous flexible substrates and roll/reel mounted materials, accepting web widths of 2″ to 24″ with spindle diameters of 10″.

Tension control is accomplished by a pivoting arm 3 inches in diameter in contact with the web in the process chamber coupled to a counterweight system outside the chamber isolated by a magnetic fluid feed-through. It is actively controlled by the subsystem transport control.

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Cleaning Surfaces, Surface Pre-Treatment, Sterilisation, Hydrocarbon Contaminant Cleaning, PCB Etch Back, De smear, Teflon Activation, Inner Layer Preparation, Resist Stripping.

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Printed Electronics, Medical Devices, Flex Circuit, Solar etc.

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