Turn Table Plasma Etching & Cleaning System: TT-1

TT-1 Key Features

  • Rotating active plasma processing for even treatment
  • 425mm diameter rotating turntable
  • Insulated or direct-on method of plasma treatment
  • 600W 13.56MHz Power Supply with Automatic Matching Network
  • PLC-based Touch Screen Control Interface

The TT-1 is a Surface Modification System having a rotating electrode designed to meet the needs of the wire bonding industry having the capacity to evenly process multiple slotted lead frame magazines.

The Turn Table (TT) model is based on Plasma Etch Inc.’s BT-1 Platform, sharing the same robust and reliable features whilst providing enhanced surface modification capabilities, these include rotating active processing and a generously sized circular chamber, which has the option of insulated, or direct on electrode method of treatment.

Loading & processing proves is quick and effective, keeping production rates high, easily meeting demands of even the heaviest process requirements. The vacuum chamber contains two levels of electrodes, measuring up to 600mm / 24″ in diameter. The operator simply places product onto electrodes and the systems turntables rotate at a constant speed during the plasma cleaning cycle.

TT standard features include:

  • Single Level 430mm Dia. Rotating Electrode
  • Electrode Jog & Speed Control
  • R.F. Generator & Matching Network 600 Watts
  • Mass Flow Controller, 2 Channels 0-500 CC/Min
  • Vacuum Gauge 0-10 Torr
  • Microprocessor System Touch Screen Control
  • Multiple Sequence Storage
  • Vacuum Pump/Booster Blower, O2 Service
  • Dual Process Sequence
  • Oil Filtration, Vacuum Pump 3 Microns
  • Oil Mist Eliminator
  • Footprint, Plasma Console 790x760x1780mm
  • Footprint, Vacuum Pump 400x760x430mm

Optional System Features:

  • RF Generator 1250 Watts
  • Automatic N2 Purging, Vacuum Pump
  • Low Gas Alarms Up to 4 Channels
  • Computer Control System w/ Touch Screening
  • Data Reporting, Event Viewing, Printer
  • Signal Light Tower
  • Dry Vacuum Pump 79/355 CFM
  • Throttle Vacuum Controller
  • Mass Flow Controllers Up to 4 Channels
  • Controlled Rate N2 Chamber Purging
  • Oil Mist Eliminator
  • Custom Chambers and Electrodes

Please contact us for the full range of options.

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