Sinter Die Attach Equipment by AMX

AMX Automatrix manufactures a range of sinter press die attach equipment and surface acoustic microscopes for silver sintering or copper sintering and non-destructive inspection of die, leadframes and assemblies into power module, RF and other related semiconductor devices.

AMX is part of the COPROMEC Group of companies and started its business developing and manufacturing customised automation solutions for the electric-automotive industry, producing turnkey processing lines, stemming from a long internal experience and from an ethos of collaboration with clients.

AMX always considered innovation as the cornerstone of their philosophy and thanks to a continuous investment in research and engineering, AMX has developed and patented a complete range of die-attach sintering equipment.

The range of sinter press systems includes dedicated models for research and development applications, where a wide range of products in small volumes can be processed.  In addition, AMX produce semiautomatic and fully automatic sinter presses, which incorporate the AMX patented “Micro-Punch” tool technology, providing optimum planarity on each die during the sinter process.

AMX Sintering Equipment

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Die attach, Power Module Assembly, IGBT/DBC Attach, Leadframe Attach, Wafer Level Packaging, RF Module Assembly, etc.

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Power Semiconductor, RF & Microwave Electronics, Universities R&D, Aerospace and Hi-Reliability Devices etc.

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United Kingdom, Ireland & Scandinavia/Nordic Regions: Finland, Sweden, Norway & Denmark

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