Fully Automatic Die Sintering Press – P200 Series

Key Features:

  • Fully automatic Die / Wafer Semiconductor Sintering Press
  • Process devices in reducing or inert atmospheres
  • Suitable for Cu-Copper and Ag-Silver Sinter Pastes etc.
  • Inline or manual loading configurations
  • For prototyping through to high-volume production
  • AMX easy to change patented “Micro-Punch” tooling
  • Intuitive interface & complete traceability
  • Process up to 350 x 270 mm assemblies

The P200 Series is a worldwide patented fully automatic sintering press designed for prototyping through high-volume production of power semiconductor modules, LED, RF and other assemblies, including large area devices, using sinter paste processes for die, substrate or component attach.

The systems are either equipped with AMX’s patented Micro-Punch tooling for advanced packaging applications, where each die is pressed independently, guaranteeing uniform pressure regardless of die height variation and substrate configuration. This is the ideal solution for advance package sintering of Si, SiC, Clips and sensors and can easily be changed for different product variants. Whereas a fully automatic flat press system is offered to laminate wafers of different dimensions and thickness, for high-performance die attach applications.

Featuring a controlled N2 cabinet, preheating, sintering and cooling is performed in an inert environment, enabling devices to be assembled using either silver or copper sinter pastes etc. A reducing atmosphere using forming gas is offered as an option.

Available with either manual loading or inline configurations, the sintering process steps are fully automated and incorporate full traceability with MES, SECS/GEM, OPC-UA, or other smart factory 4.0 protocols. The systems continuous monitoring controls, ensure high-quality, repeatable results on assemblies up to 350 x 270 mm.

  • AMX P200 Fully Automatic Die Sintering Press

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