Manual Sinter Press Die Attach Equipment by AMX

AMX Automatrix P50 series of manual sinter presses are designed for silver sintering or copper sintering of die, power module, RF and other related semiconductor devices in research, development, prototyping and low volume production applications.

The systems, which have been developed for use in laboratories and clean room environments, incorporate a wide range of features and capabilities also found in AMX’s more advanced semi and fully automatic models, including inert processing capabilities, uniform force application, force monitoring, large area processing, plus output of temperature and pressure profiles.

With high accuracy and reliability, the P50 series features quick change tooling and a PLC control system to rapidly change from one product type to another. A completely manual series, the press is available in different configurations for assemblies from 75 x 75mm up to 300 x 300mm, with forces from 16kN up to 300kN and heating up to 350oC.

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Die attach, Power Module Assembly, IGBT/DBC Attach, Lead-frame Attach, Wafer Level Packaging, RF Module Assembly, etc.

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Power Semiconductor, RF & Microwave Electronics, Universities R&D, Aerospace and Hi-Reliability Devices etc.

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