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FOM Technologies provide state-of-the-art Slot Die Coating equipment and slot die coat heads, produced to a high quality and precision. Their cutting edge equipment enables researchers, industry professionals and scientists to develop and apply new functional materials at any production volume. FOM Technologies focuses on becoming the leading provider of slot die coat technology for functional materials and strives to ensure that the products they supply are always reliable, innovative and cost-effective.

FOM approach the production of slot die coaters with the aim of bringing industry-grade solutions to the research and development (R&D) environment. High-quality hardware, user-friendly process control and a research focused design mentality can be found across all of FOM’s products. FOM Technologies coating equipment can be used to support the fabrication of devices whether for full scale production, pilot processes or for conducting fundamental research.

Offering both roll-to-roll integration for the coating of flexible substrates, or sheet based solutions for both rigid and flexible materials, as well as dedicated models for laboratory, pilot production or individual slot die coat heads, FOM can provide a coating solution, whatever your process scale or requirements.

See our “Knowledge Base Document” for a guide to “What is Slot Die Coating?” detailing the slot die coat process and how to define the coating variables.

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3rd generation solar cells, OLED and electrochromic devices, fuel cells, batteries, sensors, membranes, printed electronics, medical diagnostics, conductive thin films and more.

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