State-of-the-art Inspection Equipment by Nanotronics

Nanotronics provide state-of-the-art optical inspection equipment built to a high quality and precision in the USA. Nanotronics combine expertise in optical microscopy, computational super resolution, robotics and artificial intelligence to produce the most advanced microscope and measurement system to every manufacturing sector.

The Nanotronics nSpec system is built and designed to reinvent inspection through AI, automation, and imaging techniques. The nSpec is an advanced metrology system that helps customers solve unique inspection and process control challenges found in all aspects of precision manufacturing.

A leading developer of automated optical inspection tools for the semiconductor industry, Nanotronics combine both hardware and software to provide high throughput, intelligent super imaging solutions on an industrial scale.

High-tech companies are integrating Nanotronics’ advanced optical inspection systems into their manufacturing processes and qualification. The company’s flagship nSpec technology is the world’s first automated industrial microscope. The nSpec is compact enough to be deployed on the factory floor, with software configurable to client specifications.

The software combines advanced computer vision, machine learning, AI, optical microscopy and robotics to inspect the world’s most advanced technologies, including microchips, LEDs, nanotubes and more. nSpec can recognize, classify and measure nanoscopic flaws, allowing for real-time correction.

Nanotronics Inspection Equipment

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Inspection of unpatterned and patterned substrates including Substrate Wafers, Epi Wafers, Patterned Wafers, Diced Wafers, plus Individual Devices, Assembled Devices.

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Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication and Device Assembly, Research and Development, Renewable Energy, Battery, Automotive etc.

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United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden

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