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ATV Technologie manufactures a range of thermal processing equipment including quartz tube furnaces and vacuum solder reflow ovens for semiconductor and microelectronic fabrication, which feature precise temperature control and excellent homogeneity and are used by universities, institutes, laboratories and leading production companies worldwide.

ATV’s PEO range of quartz tube wafer furnaces are designed for semiconductor and related device processing including: Oxidation, Annealing and Polyimide Curing etc., in R&D through low and medium volume production applications.

The SRO range of vacuum solder reflow ovens are designed for void-free soldering processes, including die and substrate attach, eutectic reflow, getter activation, diffusion and compression bonding etc. using inert and controlled atmospheres. Product dependent, applications include production of RF modules and Power devices, High Reliability Hermetic Lid Sealing and Diffusion Bonding.


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Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication, Hybrid Assembly, Vacuum Solder Reflow, Brazing, Production Of Microelectronic Devices, Multi-Chip-Modules, Eutectic Solder Reflow, Microwave Module Assembly, Power Hybrid Assembly, Wafer and Glass Scribing and Sintering, Thermo-compression Bonding etc.

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Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Telecommunications, Medical Electronics, Fiber Optics / Photonic Assembly, Microwave Electronics, Microelectronics, Power Semiconductor Assembly, Semiconductor Back-end Assembly, PCB Assembly Industries, Universities.

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United Kingdom, Ireland & Scandinavia/Nordic Regions: Finland, Sweden, Norway & Denmark

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