Diamond Wafer Scribe Equipment by ATV Technologie

ATV produce a range of manual diamond wafer scribe equipment suitable for Universities, Research & Development facilities, Laboratories and for low volume requirements.

The ATV diamond scribers comprise three models, ranging from the precision RV-129 for scribing up to 200mm (8″) wafers and substrates, the the more basic RV-126, which incorporates and alcohol feed system to the scribe tool for improved performance and scribe tool and the RV-127, which is capable of scribing up to 400mm long substrates.

All systems are suitable for accurate and repeatable scribing of silicon wafers, as well as thin and thick film ceramic and glass substrates, including: Ceramics, Borosilicate or Alumino Silicate Glass & Fused Silica Glass Wafers, Silicon, GaAs, InP Wafers and many more.

ATV Diamond Wafer Scribe Equipment for cutting semiconductor wafers and other substrate materials.

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Cutting, Scribing of: Wafers, Thin Film Devices, PV Materials, Thick Film Components, Glass and Ceramic Substrates etc.

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Universities, Research Development, Production, Semiconductor, Medical, Photonics, Solar Cell, Photo Voltaic, RF & Microwave Electronics, Microelectronics etc.

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