RV-126/7 Manual Diamond Wafer Scriber

Key Features:

  • Simple and accurate manual diamond wafer scriber
  • Fast and easy scribing of ceramics, glass, silicon, GaAs, InP and many more
  • No maintenance
  • Multipurpose tool with 4 cutting edges
  • Adjustable scribing force
  • Adjustable substrate thickness
  • Precise step and repeat via mechanical stopper on ruler
  • Alcohol lubrication: longer tool lifetime; enhances cleaving by capillary effect

This reliable Manual Diamond Wafer Scriber performs fast, easy and precise scribing and cutting of silicon wafers, as well as thin and thick film ceramic and glass substraits. It forms the grooves necessary for effective glass or ceramic cutting: shallow, even and continuous.

All essential operating parameters – the angle of the scribing tool, the scribing force, the touchdown point and the lift up point of the tool are precisely adjustable to ensure optimal flexibility and repeatable results.

Features & Specifications

RV126: Max. Cutting Scribe Length/Width

200mm / 100mm

RV127: Max. Cutting Scribe Length/Width

400mm / 100mm

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Cutting, Scribing of: Wafers, Thin Film Devices, PV Materials, Thick Film Components, Glass and Ceramic Substrates etc.

Industry Segments

Universities, Research Development, Production, Semiconductor, Medical, Photonics, Solar Cell, Photo Voltaic, RF & Microwave Electronics, Microelectronics etc.

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