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ATV has been manufacturing its multipurpose fast ramping for nearly 40 years, indeed these systems were originally developed for firing thick film pastes.  In 1992 ATV produced their first constrained LTCC Sintering Press based on their experience with the PEO systems.  ATV’s equipment development department has now released the new PHP-630 platform based on the hugely successful PEO 603 series quartz tube furnace, targeting the market where low pressure force is required, such as LTCC Sintering or Glass Embossing.

With a wide press force range up to 50kN, and a maximum process temperature of 1100°C, the PHP-630 Sintering Press can provide a temperature uniformity of less than 6 Kelvin across an 8” x 8” substrate with an in situ Z-axis shrinkage of 5 microns.

The force applied during the sintering process is via ATV’s unique pneumatic pressure drive unit for stable force application and excellent uniformity over the LTCC substrate. The PHP-630 Sintering Press can also operate in pressure free mode, for unconstrained sintering, thick film paste firing or annealing.


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