PHP-630 LTCC Sintering Press

PHP-630 Key Features

  • LTCC Sintering up to 1100°C
  • Pneumatic driven Press assembly
  • Heating Rate: < 70min. to 1000°C (empty chamber)
  • Cooling Rate: < 90min. from 1000°C  to 100°C (empty chamber)
  • Zero % Shrinkage XY, less than 5um Z
  • In-Situ measurement for inclination angle
  • Pressure up to 50kN, 100N resolution
  • Recipe controlled pressure-less mode
  • Residual O2 < 5 ppm
  • Low Power Consumption (4kW @ 1000°C)
  • Proven ATV quality, components and reliability

The PHP-630 Sintering Press was developed at ATV using the in house knowledge from their multipurpose fast ramping furnaces. Based on the hugely successful PEO 603 quartz tube furnace with ATV’s proven temperature control technology, the PHP 630 supports a wide application field in the market. 

The unique pneumatically driven force drive unit provides excellent force uniformity over the substrate while maintaining a smooth application of force during the initial ramp up.

The system provides a pressing force between 500N to 50,000N in 100N steps for constrained LTCC sintering processes with an operational temperature range of 250°C to 1100°C; temperature control deviation is < 0.5°C above 350°C.  For a 200mm2 substrate, temperature uniformity is less than 6°C with an in situ shrinkage in Z of only 5 microns.

  • PHP-630 Sintering Press

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