Vacuum Reflow Ovens by ATV Technologie

ATV’s solder reflow ovens (SRO) with rapid thermal annealing (RTA), soldering and brazing capability are multi-purpose “cold wall” process ovens heated by IR filaments. The SRO is ideal for R&D and process development, low to high volume production, with models including bench-top through stand-alone to fully automated high volume systems.

Applications include void-free solder die and substrate attach for power semiconductor and hybrid module assembly, formic vacuum solder reflow, hermetic package lid sealing, flux or flux-less soldering, eutectic solder reflow, high vacuum encapsulation, high temperature processing, getter activation, diffusion and compression bonding etc.

See our “Knowledge Base Document” for a guide to the basics of flux-less solder reflow using Formic Acid.


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Die attach, Power Module Assembly, IGBT/DBC Soldering, high vacuum encapsulation, MEMS package sealing, IR sensor/Crystal package sealing, wafer level packaging, thermo-electric cooler/Peltier, low moisture package sealing, high power LED, laser bar, Getter activation, alloying, wafer bump/solder ball reflow, pin fin heat sink, backing, flip chip, 3 D-CSP, diffusion bonding, CPV, thermo-compression bonding, pin fin soldering, Hybrid assembly, MMIC die attachment, brazing etc.

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RF & Microwave Electronics, Power Semiconductor, Sensor Fabrication, Universities R&D, Medical, Photonics, Solar Cell, Photo Voltaic and Aerospace and Hi-Reliability Devices etc.

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