Package Lid Sealing Reflow Ovens with Getter Activation

Package Lid Sealing Reflow Ovens Key Features

  • Thermal (450°C / 500°C) & Electrical (20W) Getter Activation
  • Top and Bottom Heater Arrays
  • Independent Control of Package & Lid Temperature
  • Vacuum: <1 x 10-6 mbar
  • High flexibility: different packages at same time possible
  • Precision alignment of lids and packages
  • Oxygen < 0.1 ppm
  • Unlimited Process Recipes
  • Up to 100 process steps per reflow profile
  • Small Footprint Free-Standing System

Based on the successful SRO 706 series vacuum reflow oven, ATV’s SRO 706 Getter System has been developed to process both thermal and electrical getter requirements under controlled atmosphere or high vacuum.  This process has also successfully been applied to other sectors including package sealing of Kovar lids or optical windows under high vacuum for various MEMS applications. 

The system utilizes ATV’s proven IR heating technology with independent arrays of IR lamps providing top and bottom heating within the chamber for superior heating uniformity under vacuum.  This results in a maximum thermal activation temperature of 450°C or electrical activation of up to 20W; in either case, the sensor / chip temperature does not exceed 100°C.  Optional Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) can be performed during the sealing process to measure the internal package atmosphere.

ATV’s proven SRO series of solder reflow ovens are extensively used for standard void free lid-sealing applications on ceramic, multi-layer LTCC and other hybrid packages. Where Getter activation is required, ATV have developed enhanced solutions, which provide improved vacuum capability for MEMS and other applications, thermal getter activation whilst protecting the core package temperature and precision tooling for package to lid alignment etc.

Reflow profiles are created simply using ATV’s proven Win-ATV software, which allows the user to program up to 100 process steps per profile.

  • SRO Package Lid Sealing Reflow Oven

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