SRO-700 Vacuum Solder Reflow Oven

SRO-700 Key Features

  • Small footprint, table-top vacuum reflow oven
  • Integrated Formic Acid Activation
  • 230 x 217 mm Heated Area
  • Maximum temperature 450°C, (optional 700°C)
  • Temperature ramp-up rate 3.5K/sec

The ATV SRO-700 table top IR vacuum reflow oven is the essential entry level reflow soldering oven. The SRO 700 is ideal for R&D or low volume batch production generating high quality results; designed for multiple solder reflow processes including: flux-less soldering, eutectic die attach, gold tin soldering, void-free soldering, hermetic lid sealing, formic acid processing and flip chip soldering.

The oven is a small footprint unit, which fits on a standard bench, but offers 100 mm height clearance inside the chamber to process tall components like power electronics IGBT or MOSFET modules. If direct heating is required, the thermal hotplate can be easily removed for direct IR heating. Processes can be run under vacuum, nitrogen or formic acid as standard.

Reflow profiles are created simply using ATV’s WIN-ATV software, which allows the user to program up to 100 process steps to create the ideal profile. Products are then reflowed via IR lamps in the polished stainless steel cold-walled reflow chamber, in a controlled environment, resulting in excellent void free solder joints.

  • SRO-700 Vacuum Reflow Oven

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