PEO-601 Tabletop Quartz Tube Furnace

Key Features:

  • Small footprint wafer furnace for up to 100mm diameter wafers
  • 1100°C maximum operating temperature
  • Up to 100 programmable process steps & unlimited process recipes
  • Maximum three input gas lines with digital flow-meters
  • Heating/cooling rates down to 1K/100min
  • < 5ppm Oxygen with 2 times vacuum-N2-backfill routine

ATV’s PEO-601 is a table-top quartz tube batch furnace for horizontal processing of up to 100mm (4″) diameter Semiconductor Wafers or Substrates. Six powerful 1kW Heaters ramp the system to 1000°C in < 30minutes and up to a maximum of 1100°C. 

Features and capabilities include up to three digital flow-meter input gas lines, residual oxygen levels: < 5ppm, low power consumption: <1,2kW at 1000°C and zero in ambient stand-by mode, a Windows based process recipe generation and management system: 100 steps per recipe, Step length 1s – 99:59 min, process data logging, several user levels, Barcode management and a PLC Controller.

The systems are ideal for research and development or low volume production, including wet and dry oxidation with/without P&N type source diffusion, annealing under inert/noble gas or vacuum for e.g. polyimide/BCB baking and thick film/glass paste firing etc., SiAl/SiAu/SiMo alloying, or for multiple processes without cross contamination by ATV’s easily replaceable quartz in-liner system.

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