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SemiProbe is a global supplier of wafer probe equipment for testing and characterizing semiconductor, microelectronics, MEMS, nanotechnology, microfluidics, optoelectronics, power electronics devices and more.

They solve some of the most difficult wafer probing and device testing challenges by providing application-specific and customized solutions. SemiProbe’s enabling technologies use new innovative designs that are more economical to build, upgrade, use and maintain. They strive to provide industry with access to the latest high quality probing technology to help lower the cost of test.

SemiProbe provides a family of cost-effective wafer prober equipment and accessories to meet a wide variety of applications from R&D to production and from manual through semi and fully automatic, plus custom specific models.

  • Manual, Semiautomatic & Fully Automatic Wafer Probe stations
  • Production & Analytical capabilities, custom configured for your needs and application
  • LAB Assistant platform is an out-of-the-box, low-cost manual probe station
  • PS4L platform is modular and field upgradeable from manual to semi and fully automatic configurations
  • Test individual die, partial through 50, 100, 150, 200 and 300 & 450 mm wafers & substrates
  • Multiple applications: High Frequency, Vacuum, High Power, Optoelectronic, MEMS & more
  • Developed and manufactured by Probing Specialists with a worldwide customer base

See our “Knowledge Base Document” for a guide to the “What is a Probe Station and How Does it Work?”

Semiprobe, a leading manufacturer and supplier of wafer probing equipment and accessories.

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Medical, Photonics, Solar Cell, Nanoelectronics, Fibre Optics, Microwave Electronics, Microelectronics, Power Semiconductor Assembly, Power Electronics, RF-HF Devices, Bio Medical Assemblies, Nano Electronics, Packaged Device Test, MEMS, Spintronics, Carbon NanoTube, Semiconductor Components, Microfluidic Testing, Photovoltaic Device Test etc.

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Semiconductor Research and Development, Device Characterisation, Production Test, Semiconductor Wafer Probe Test etc.

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