MEMS Wafer Probing Equipment

Key Features

  • MEMS and MOEMS Wafer Probing Equipment
  • For Single Side, Double Sided and Vacuum Test etc.
  • Manual, Semiautomatic and Fully Automatic Versions
  • Customized according to users exact probing requirements
  • Integrate Doppler Vibrometers to test devices with moving parts
  • Test Die and Wafers from 50 mm to 300 mm diameters
  • For research, development or production Testing

SemiProbe manufacture application specific MEMS Wafer Probing Equipment for testing MEMS and MOEMS semiconductor devices using single or double sided probing techniques, vacuum, cryo, and other environmental test methods.

The MEMS Wafer Probing equipment is configured using SemiProbe’s patented Probe System for Life™ (PS4L) wafer probe platform. This systems modular architecture enables seamless integration of advanced capabilities to deliver precise, accurate, repeatable measurements for complex MEMS components.

Key components such as the bases, wafer stages, platens, microscope stages, optics and manipulators are all interchangeable, enabling SemiProbe to build application specific probing solutions at economical prices.

Static and dynamic analysis and visualization are critical parts of the test and development process for MEMS microstructures in order to characterize surface metrology and measure in and out of plane motions. The modular PS4L enables configurations to be customized according to the specialized requirements of MEMS component testing.

Specialist solutions for MEMS testing include both single device and wafer level test with pitch and roll while making electrical contact, microfuidic testing, Doppler Laser Vibrometer systems to accurately measure the motion in actuators, energy harvesting or any other device with moving parts and semi to fully automatic vacuum probing systems etc.

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Testing MEMS, MOEMS, NEMS, Sensors, Micro-bolometers, Gyros, Microfluidics etc.

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