Semiautomatic Probe Station: mini-PS4L

mini-PS4L Semiautomatic Probe Station Features

  • Modular system with a wide-range of accessories available
  • Developed for testing small die / parts up to 100mm dia. wafers
  • Built using the patented Probe System for Life Architecture
  • Sold as complete kits with a field upgrade path
  • Multiple Applications Supported – DC, HF, OPTO etc.
  • Small footprint – fits on benches, tables and desks
  • Also available with manual wafer stages

SemiProbe has introduced the mini-PS4L range of semiautomatic probe station’s to respond to market requests for smaller footprint and basic characterization for small sample testing solutions at lower costs.

Most coventional wafer probing solutions are for wafer sizes 100 mm to 300 mm. They often provide an overkill in terms of capabilities, size and price for small sample, partial wafer, die and packaged part level testing.

The mini-PS4L series is an expansion of the popular and patented Probe System For Life platform (PS4L) systems that address a wide variety of wafer sizes and applications. The PS4L system is the most modular on the market and provides a perpetual field upgrade path.

The mini-Series are available in a few different configurations to address multiple applications and testing requirements on devices that are 100 mm or less in size.

Manual and semiautomatic versions are available with several accessories to compliment the capabilities. Model dependant, the manual systems feature either a fixed, magnetic or liner wafer stage, with the semiautomatic systems incorporating a programmable motorised stage.

The mini-PS4L Series of semiautomatic probe systems will allow univerities, government labs and corporations performing semiconductor, material and life science or research to purchase a small footprint and basic probe system kit.

A unique feature is our full credit (conditions apply) of the mini-PS4L hardware’s purchase price, towards a PS4L system when required.

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