Wafer Probing Accessories

Key Features

  • Affordable range of Wafer Probing Accessories
  • Probe tips: Tungsten, gold plated, beryllium copper etc.
  • Manipulators: Vacuum or Magnetic Bases, Variable Travel & Resolution
  • Range of HF, Microwave, Triaxial, Coaxial Probe Arms
  • Probe Card Holders in both 4.5” and 6.0” configurations
  • Miniature Vacuum Pumps suitable for many applications
  • Universal to SemiProbe and Many other OEM Probe Stations

SemiProbe provides a wide range of quality accessories to support their range of Manual, Semi and Fully Automatic Wafer Probing Systems such as the modular Probe System for Life™.

Wafer probe accessories include Probe Tips in various sizes and materials including Tungsten, Tungsten Carbide, Gold plated and Beryllium Copper for probing feature sizes ranging from under 4 microns to in excess of 100 microns to cover every conceivable requirement!

Probe arms are available for high voltage (HV), high frequency (HF) and high current measurement.  Quasi and True Kelvin measurement probe arms are also available in either coaxial or triaxial configuration.  The HF probe arm can also accommodate fibre clamps for optical measurement too.

SemiProbe also provides a range of compact Manipulators supporting all of the probe arm / tip combinations mentioned above.  All manipulators can be fixed to the prober via vacuum, mechanical or magnetic bases, making them truly universal not just to SemiProbe equipment, but all OEMs!  Where individual manipulators are not sufficient, industry standard probe card holders can be fitted to all SemiProbe probe systems (including the Lab assistant!) in either the 4.5” or 6.0” size.

Miniature vacuum pumps and air compressors suitable for wafer probing and many other laboratory applications can also be provided.

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