Wafer Scribing and Contact Angle Measuring Instruments by OEG

OEG GmbH, founded in 1991 develop and manufacture a range high-precision contact angle measuring equipment and precision wafer scribing systems for industrial and research applications in the semiconductor and optics industries etc. OEG has delivered and installed hundreds of machines worldwide, with customers now on every continent.

Producing a wide range of standard products, based on more than 30 years experience, OEG’s instruments include precision manual wafer scribing systems, contact angle and surface tension measuring equipment for manual or automatic sample processing, including:

MR 200” Precision micro diamond scriber for precise manual scribing on semiconductor wafers and related substrates up to 200mm in diameter.

SURFTENS HL” meet the needs for a fast, highly accurate and comfortable measurement of the wettability of silicon wafers up to 200mm in diameter.

SURFTENS HL automatic” a 300mm diameter single wafer tool designed for use in semiconductor industry and research, in particular for process control of wafer coatings and in the photolithographic process.

SURFTENS WH 300” suitable for any cleanroom class, the system features automatic mapping of wafer contact angles and is equipped with a 3 axis wafer robot, wafer scanner, load-port for 200 and/or 300 mm wafers, fan filter unit, SECS/GEM Interface and notching system.

Other products include “SURFTENS Basic“, a low cost contact angle meter that provides all functions for measurement of contact angle and surface free energy and “SURFTENS UNIVERSAL“, a reliable measuring instrument for contact angle, surface free energy and surface tension with many options like motorized dispenser, multi dispenser and tilting stage.

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