Diamond Wafer Scriber: MR-200

Key Features:

  • Accurately diamond scribe up to 200mm Diameter Wafers
  • Scribe wafer pieces from 10 x 10mm upwards
  • Teflon coated wafer chuck and scribed particle extraction
  • Adjustable scribe angle, length, height and pressure
  • Precision scribe alignment via monocular scope and crosshair
  • CCTV video system and line width measurement options
  • Rotating chuck with 90 degree stop
  • Scribe a wide range of materials: Silicon, GaAs, InP, Silica, Glass etc.

OEG produce the MR-200 manual diamond wafer scriber suitable for Universities, Research & Development and for low volume precision scribing of 10 x 10mm samples, up to 200mm (8″) wafers and substrates.

The precision MR-200 diamond wafer scriber from OEG is a bench mounted system, which provides accurate scribing of devices, including wafers (Si, GaAs, InP etc.), ceramics, thin film & PV materials, thick film substrates, glass or silicon components etc.

All essential operating parameters, including the angle of the scribing tool, scribing force, touchdown point of the tool are precisely adjustable to ensure optimal flexibility and repeatability of results. Where precise sample sizes and grids are required, a digital gauge enables measurements perpendicular to the scribe line. A Teflon coated, rotating chuck mounted on the X-Y table, holds the sample under vacuum during scribing, whilst an exhaust extracts scribed particulates.

High-quality zoom optics with cross-hair graticules and stepless magnification from 8× to 40×, enable precise alignment and adjustment of the scribing line according edges, structures and reference marks, whilst an LED ring light with brightness control provides illumination for the sample. A video system, with image processing software and line width measurement, is available as an optional attachment.

  • MR200 Precision Wafer Scriber

MR-200 Diamond Wafer Scriber – Technical Downloads

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