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PacTech – Packaging Technologies GmbH is a world leading provider of advanced wafer bumping, packaging and solder ball placement equipment used in numerous applications such as micro BGA, wafer level CSP, Optoelectronic (micro optics, fiber attached and lens alignment), Solder stacking (SS Hard drives), MEMS (2D, 2.5D and 3D packaging) and TSV (solder filling of vias).

PacTech is also a worldwide leader in Wafer Level Bumping & Packaging Services. These services meet the high quality demands of customers and support both engineering and prototyping services, as well as high volume production.


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MEMS Packaging, Camera Module Fabrication, Memory, FO WLP, Flip Chip Bumping, BGA Solder Ball Placement, Smart phones and Tablet CSP Packaging, Bio Medical Device Assembly, Sub Contract Wafer Dicing, Sub Contract Wafer Bumping, Sub Contract Solder Bumping

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Semiconductor Fabrication, Photonics, Bio Medical, Consumer Electronics, Aerospace, Defence

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United Kingdom, Ireland & Scandinavia/Nordic Regions: Finland, Sweden, Norway & Denmark, Netherlands, France & Benelux

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