Wafer Solder Bumping by PacTech

This range of equipment includes semiautomatic and fully automatic Solder jetting, Wafer level Solder balling, BGA and wafer level solder ball rework systems along with Electroless Bumping lines.

As an innovator in the area of Laser Assisted Solder-Jetting process and chip bonding, PacTech also manufacturers UFP Cantilever placement & Laser Bonding systems for Wafer Probe cards, along with Laser Bonding systems for Flip Chip and Capacitor applications.

PatcTech’s Laser Enhanced Bonding Systems perform chip placement and assembly reflow simultaneously for Flip Chip, MEMS Bonding / Probe Card, Vertical Chip Bonding applications.

The fully automatic electroless nickel wafer bump plating line (PacLine™ Series 200 and 300) allows the processing of 100-300mm wafers with Ni, Pd and Au at volumes of 600,000 parts per year.

PacTech’s extensive sub contract service for wafer bumping, wafer back side metallization, and CSP and BGA rework is also available from their Berlin facility.


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