Solder Jetting Systems

Solder Jetting Systems Key Features

  • Solder Jetting of SnAgCu, SnAg, SnPb, AuSn, InSn, SnBi solders
  • Flux-free reflow with laser
  • Solder ball diameter 100 – 760µm
  • Ball rework & (de-balling & re-balling) capability
  • Single-step solder ball placement and laser reflow
  • No tooling (mask, stencil) or Flux required
  • No mechanical or thermal stress
  • No additional reflow required

PacTech manufacture manual, semi-automatic and fully automated solder jetting systems for low through high volume applications.

PacTech offers two different equipment platforms for solder ball deposition using their Laser Assisted Solder Jetting (SB²) technology for MEMS, aerospace and medical applications; as well as single die, probe cards, substrates, hard disc drive heads and camera modules. All systems offer both standard and jetting mode processes.

The SB²-Jet range are designed for mass production applications whereas the SB² M  and SB² SM platforms are ideal for R&D , prototyping and low volume production requirements.

See our “Knowledge Base Document” for a guide to the basics of how solder ball jetting technology works.

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