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MOT manufactures and develops wet bench chemistry equipment for the fabrication of MEMS and semiconductor devices in the research and industrial setting. The equipment offered allows the user to choose between a range of different wet-chemical processes including electro-plating, etching, cleaning, porous silicon formation as well as other customised semiconductor applications.

The equipment solutions offered by MOT cover service, support, process optimisation and start up as well as custom engineering and process development offerings. A modular approach allows different functionalities and chemical processes to be combined into a system to offer a complete solution for your fabrication needs.

MOT was founded as a supplier of galvanic systems for the use in clean rooms, production environments and research laboratories. Deployed throughout a wide range of process technology sections in the semiconductor, microtechnology, electronics and optical industries. MOT offers complete production solutions as well as specialist designed equipment on request of their customers.

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Wafer and Substrate Etching, Plating, Via Fabrication, Cleaning, Porous Silicon Formation for MicroFluidic Devices, Power Semiconductors, MEMS Devices, Compound & GaN Materials, Photonic, Photovoltaic and LED Components etc.

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Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication, University Research and Development

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United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland & Norway

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